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After treatment care

After treatment care

7th June 2012

At Canterbury Health Hub, we aim to achieve the highest quality treatment outcomes for you.

In order that you achieve the most from your treatment, we recommend that you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Try to rest for a few hours following your appointment. It is not uncommon to be slightly sore after treatment so a little rest goes a long way!
  • Keep mobile – unless otherwise advised by your Practitioner, have several short walks in the following few days after your treatment and avoid sitting for long periods.
  • Drink increased amounts of water – this helps to flush toxins from your system.
  • Rest from vigorous activity for a few days following treatment. This includes heavy gardening and lifting weights at the gym.
  • A hot shower or bath following treatment may help to relax your muscles.

Please seek advice from your Practitioner regarding these recommendations to ensure that they are appropriate for you.