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Standing desks

Standing desks

27th September 2017

Standing desks, should I get one?

This is a question I am often asked; particularly from people suffering back pain as a result of their sedentary workspaces. As with most things biomechanical, there isn’t one straight answer for everyone. However, i’ve included some ideas that can help you assess whether a standing desk may be appropriate for you.

We all know that good posture and movement give great health benefits. Our bodies were made to be adaptable to our surroundings and thrive off variation. Obviously this philosophy doesn’t gel with having to sit for hours at a time, but can also be applied to standing for similar long periods.

The key is Variety.

My suggestion is to change position every 30min. This can be as simple as swapping a rigid chair for a swiss ball, changing your workstation from sitting to standing (using boxes or a custom built desk) or moving to another desk across the room. The more movement you can incorporate into your day, the more your body will love you for it!

Being masters of efficiency, our bodies are experts in finding ways to slouch and slump in order to conserve energy in holding our bodies upright. Next time you’re at a party, or event that involves long periods of static standing, think about how you’re standing and possible compensations being made. Resting weight on one hip (the ‘checkout chick’) is a really common standing compensation and can cause as many biomechanical problems as extended periods of sitting!

So if you’re considering incorporating a standing desk into your workplace, look at having one that is easily adjustable, and remember to include regular breaks that don’t involve phones, tablets or other sedentary activities.

This article is for information purposes only. Please consult your Osteopath or primary healthcare professional for further information.