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16th November 2017

Magnesium is a mineral readily found in fiber rich foods such as whole grains, meat, fish, legumes, almonds, green leafy vegetables and seeds. It is an important mineral for normal healthy bone structure, as well as the formation of proteins and fatty acids.

Magnesium is also a readily used and available supplement. Many people take additional magnesium for muscle relaxation purposes, decreasing muscle and/or menstrual cramps and as a sleeping aid. Osteopaths, Naturopaths and other health professionals commonly prescribe it as an adjunct to their treatment.

The daily recommendation for Mg in young (under 30) male adults is 400mg/day and for female adults 310mg/day, and for those over 30 years of age the recommendation is 420mg and 320mg accordingly.

**Magnesium may interfere with some medications so it is best to check with your local GP or naturopath before starting supplementation. People with heart or kidney disease are also amongst those that should check with their doctor before taking magnesium.