5 tips for knee pain

5 tips for knee pain

If you have been exercising a lot this summer, have you found yourself feeling sore after something went ‘pop’ in your knee? Perhaps you felt something ‘go’ or you’ve just pulled up feeling really sore. Today, we explore what you can do at home to manage your knee pain before you can get in to see one of our therapists.

1. Don’t be mad at yourself for exercising!

Getting outdoors and moving your body is a good thing. This minor set back doesn’t mean you have to be out of action for weeks.  The quicker one of our therapists can take a look at your knee and see what’s going on, the sooner you will be back to kicking a footy with your kids.

2. Stretch

If it feels ok to stretch your leg and lower back, do so gently and with caution. It may feel good to stretch your hamstrings, quads and gluts, as these areas have a tendency to tighten up with knee injuries.

3. Gently Move

If your body allows and you can weight bear, you can use simple knee movements like flexion and extension (bending and straightening) with your foot off the floor. This can help with fluid exchange and healing. Also, remember to take regular breaks from sitting or standing in any one position over the first few days to avoid stiffening up of the knee and other areas of your body.

4. Use a Pillow in Bed

Your knee may feel painful to straighten.  Place a soft pillow underneath it when you climb into bed, as this can help alleviate the discomfort and keep your knee slightly bent.

5. Get Your Knee Assessed

While it’s probably a simple strain, it is worthwhile having a qualified therapist assess your knee.  Our Osteopaths at Canterbury Health Hub can assess the injury, develop a personalised treatment program, and work with you to develop a strength program so you are less likely to strain your knee again in the future.

The team at Canterbury Health Hub can help identify the cause of your knee injury and build you a treatment plan going forward. This may include hands-on manual therapy, exercise prescription and advice on rehabilitation exercises.

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This article is for information purposes only. Please consult your Osteopath or primary healthcare professional for further information.

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