How to alleviate headache pain

How to alleviate headache pain

Have you ever woken up with a shocking headache, but are too busy to be able to have a quiet day resting at home? Did you know that swiftly coming in for a treatment can not only help to alleviate symptoms, but can also help to identify the cause of your headache. We share 5 simple at-home remedies you can do to alleviate the pain of a headache.

1. Greatly increase your water intake

Dehydration can be a major cause of headaches. Make sure you drink at least 2L of water during the day. If you don’t like plain water, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to add some flavour.

2. Relax your shoulders, jaw and face

When you have a headache, it is likely that you already have some tension in your shoulders, jaw and neck. Try to be consciously aware of when you tense these areas, and then try to relax them as best you can. This can help reduce the intensity of your headache.

3. Take medication early

If you normally take prescribed medication for migraines, get onto it early to prevent your headache from worsening. If you only take over the counter pain medication, this can be consumed if it is safe for you to do so. Please remember that you should always discuss the use of your over the counter medications with your GP or pharmacist prior to use, especially if you are on any other medication.

4. Limit your screen time

We all know we should reduce the amount of screen time we are exposed to each day, but when we are dealing with a painful headache, it can be extra important to get away from the screen as eye strain is another cause of headaches. Put your phone, computer or laptop away and try to get some fresh air.

5. Stretch your neck and upper back

If you have a foam roller at home, work, or the gym, it would be a great idea to use that on your back as well.

The team at Canterbury Health Hub can help identify the cause of your headaches and build you a treatment plan going forward. This may include hands-on manual therapy, exercise prescription and advice on rehabilitation exercises.

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This article is for information purposes only. Please consult your Osteopath or primary healthcare professional for further information.

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