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Anna's Experience with Running During Lockdown

Anna's Experience with Running During Lockdown

Written by Anna Pattison - Clinical Myotherapist | 15th September 2021

Since COVID-19 landed on our shores approximately 18 months ago, it has been an incredibly tough time for all of us in a whole host of ways. For me, 2020 was a year of little exercise, trying to a support a child through Year 12 and just generally living with two teenage boys!! As a result, wine featured more regularly in my day-to-day life and I rediscovered my love of home baking, which obviously included eating.

I was incredibly inspired by patients that looked to YouTube and Zoom for alternatives to their exercise classes. Finally, I managed to sign up, but never quite made it to actually watching any of those videos myself during the year!!!

Anna's Journey to Returning to Running

When 2021 came around and we were locked down again in February, I decided I had contributed enough to the profits of Dan Murphy and I needed to change. As gyms were closed and my track record with online classes had been woeful, I decided to try something else and return to jogging.

In short, it has been a slow but steady process. As with most sports and exercise, there are often highs and lows. One day, I might run 5km and actually quite enjoy it. A few days later, I dislike every moment and stop at 2km! Finding a running partner certainly made the process easier, helping to motivate me, great at aiding me to pace my run and has also helped me to successfully increase my distance over time.

Half Marathon Booked in!

On Saturday 25th July 2021, I was booked in to run the half marathon around the city of Melbourne. COVID-19 struck once again and unfortunately, the event was cancelled. However, I persisted and completed a “virtual version” of the half marathon, the same 21km but a different route and no crowds to cheer us along. An amazing and rewarding experience, albeit without any crowds.

Run Melbourne 2021

The rescheduled Run Melbourne half marathon will be Sunday October 24th 2021. I am sure I will not be alone in participating, as many of our patients at Canterbury Health Hub will be out running also.

What Stretches Should be Focused on?

For any of our patients that are aiming to run the half marathon or 10km distance, or using our “snap” lockdowns to jog or run, stretching post exercise is incredibly important. Pay particular attention to the gluteal, hamstring and calf muscles.

Calf Stretch

  • Place hands on wall, one foot in front of other, toes pointing straight ahead.
  • Keep back leg and knee straight, lean forward towards wall, bending front knee.
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds.
Calf stretch

Hamstring Stretch

  • Place one foot in front.
  • Rear leg, slight bend to knee.
  • Keep your back straight, lean forwards.
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds.
Hamstring stretch

Gluteal Release with Massage Ball

  • Position massage ball at top outer aspect of the gluteal region against wall.
  • Roll until a tight spot is felt.
  • Hold for 30 seconds (can press into the wall more to intensify release)
Glute Release

Anna Pattison is a Clinical Myotherapist that works at Canterbury Health Hub. She is available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Click here to learn more about Anna. Book online or call (03) 9836 3688 for an appointment with Anna.

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