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How does CHH ensure your safety during a Myotherapy appointment?

How does CHH ensure your safety during a Myotherapy appointment?

Written by Anna Pattison - Clinical Myotherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist | 15th December 2023

The safety of all patients to CHH is of paramount importance to us. When attending for a Myotherapy appointment you can rest assured that you are in good hands. In this blog we discuss how CHH ensures your safety during a Myotherapy appointment.


All of our Myotherapsists have undertaken specialised training from a government-accredited educational institution. They have either completed a 3 year Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy) or an Advanced Diploma in Remedial Massage usually 18 months in length.

Professional Development- ongoing learning

All Myotherpaists must be registered with a nationally recognised association, such as Myotherapy Association Australia or Australian Natural Therapists Association in order to practice.

In order to maintain registration we must complete professional development each year to ensure we stay up to date on current treatment practices, risks and benefits of treatment and exercise prescription.

Code of practice

As part of registration each Association has a code of practice that outlines the care, training and expectations of professional duty that each member must adhere to.

Limitations and scope of practice

It is imperative that all practitioners only carry out treatment techniques, or give information that they have been taught to do.

They must be aware of the limitations of treatments they can provide and, where appropriate, refer clients to other health service providers for additional or complementary care.


Once you start your Myotherapy appointment, your practitioner will undertake a thorough medical history during you initial appointment, and an update to changes on subsequent sessions. The purpose of this is to establish the effects of prior treatment, any potential contraindications, precautions and risks that treatment may
pose to you.

Your Myotherapist will speak to you with respect, valuing your beliefs, rights and boundaries. It is important you are as open and honest as possible in return. This is also your time to ask questions, before you provide your consent and agreement to any proposed treatment plan.


All treatment tables, chairs, and desk surfaces are cleaned between each patient. They are also cleaned thoroughly at the end of each practitioners shift. Hands are washed between each patient. Hand sanitiser is also available in each room for use by you the patient and your practitioner if necessary.


All sheets, towels and gowns are washed after single use by each patient by an independent laundry company.

Respect and Dignity

All Myotherapy practitioners respect the privacy, modesty and dignity of all patients, by using appropriate draping only uncovering the part of the body necessary for treatment and that which each patient is comfortable with. Gowns are also available if desired.


The oil used at CHH is a blend that is not perfumed, and is low allergenic. If you have a specific allergy or skin sensitivity please speak to your practitioner to decide what is best for you.

Dry Needles

If you receive dry needling as part of your treatment plan, all needles are sterile and single use. Needles are disposed straight away after use into an approved Sharps bin.

Face masks

It is not mandatory to wear Face masks at this time. However, some patients still choose to do so. If you would like your practitioner to wear a mask also please let us know.

If you have any questions, our friendly team are happy to help!