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Understanding and Alleviating Knee Pain during Exercise: How Osteopathy can help?

Understanding and Alleviating Knee Pain during Exercise: How Osteopathy can help?

Written by Nathan Switkowski - Osteopath | 10th January 2024

Knee pain during exercise is a common concern that can significantly hinder your fitness journey. Whether you're an avid runner, a fitness enthusiast, or someone just starting a workout routine, experiencing discomfort in your knees can be both frustrating and discouraging. As Osteopaths, we understand the impact knee pain can have on your overall well-being, and we're here to help you better understand and address this issue.

1. Identifying the Causes

Knee pain during exercise can stem from various factors. Poor biomechanics, muscle imbalances, overuse, or underlying joint issues may contribute to discomfort. Osteopathy provides a holistic approach to the diagnosis of knee pain, and the impact of the structure and function of the knee. Our practitioners will conduct a thorough assessment to identify the root cause of your knee pain, considering factors such as your gait, muscle strength, and joint mobility.

2. Treatment Approaches

Once the underlying cause is identified, we offer personalised treatment plans to address your specific needs. Manual techniques, such as soft tissue massage, dry needling and joint mobilisation, can help improve the mobility of the knee joint and reduce tension in surrounding muscles. We may also provide rehabilitation exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups and improve overall stability.

3. Prevention Strategies

Preventing knee pain during exercise involves a proactive approach. We can guide you through a proper warm-up routine, activation and stretching exercises, and biomechanical corrections tailored to your individual needs. Educating yourself about proper footwear, appropriate exercise intensity, and listening to your body's signals are essential steps in preventing recurring knee pain.

4. Holistic Well-being

We prioritise holistic well-being, considering not only the physical but also the emotional and lifestyle factors that may contribute to knee pain. Stress management, adequate rest, and nutritional support play crucial roles in supporting your body's ability to heal and perform optimally.

Don't let knee pain hinder your fitness journey. Visit an Osteopath at Canterbury Health Hub to receive personalised care that addresses the root cause of your knee discomfort. Together, we can aim to reduce your knee discomfort and exercise pain-free.