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Reasons why Mums should come into CHH for a treatment!

Reasons why Mums should come into CHH for a treatment!

Written by Elle Fernon - Osteopath | 5th June 2024

Hey Mums (and Dads)!

I know what it’s like! Basketball and football drop-offs every night. Homework. The newborn stage and getting no sleep. Being the full-time snack chef. Managing work and home life. It can be crazy.

Here are a few things to consider if you are trying to juggle coming in to get treatment.

  • We honestly don’t care about what you are wearing. To be honest, tracksuit pants and a t-shirt are probably the easiest things to get treated in anyway. I don’t mind the spaghetti stain from cooking that day either.
  • I am VERY happy to have babies and children of all ages in my clinic room. It doesn’t matter if your tiny baby is being loud, we have some wonderful reception staff that are great at taking them out of the room (if you would like) and walking them up and down the corridors in the pram. You can have a wonderful 30 minutes all to yourself. Have some toddlers? Bring snacks! I’ll pop a towel down, and they can have a picnic on the floor. Anything left over will be sucked up by the vacuum. I have some baby toys, and we can always distract kids with both our phones and YouTube. Also, don’t worry about the noise your kids will make. I’m sure that mine make more, and I’m pretty good at blocking it out.
  • We have early morning and also late evening appointments available (put the kids to bed, come over for a treatment!)
  • If your body is functioning well, if you can move easily and in less or no pain, the whole family is going to benefit. It’s hard and frustrating when you have things to do but your body is sore and tight. Treatment can help relieve tightness and restriction throughout your body which may mean you can sleep better and move better. I can give you little tips and tricks on things you can realistically fit into your day to help your body to be functioning at its best.

So have a look on the booking platform and pop yourself in for a treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing you (and probably the kids) at your next appointment.

Elle x