Why Choose Myotherapy at CHH?

Since 2008, our highly accredited Myotherapists have assisted thousands of people of all ages in optimising their health and wellbeing

At Canterbury Health Hub (formerly Osteopathy on Canterbury), Our highly experienced Myotherapists incorporate advanced hands-on techniques, injury prevention and exercise prescription into your treatments, to help you achieve your healthcare goals. They work holistically and strategically and really understand the importance of listening and working with you as a team, in delivering the right outcome for you.

Multiple Treatment Techniques

The Myotherapists at CHH use a wide range of advanced muscular techniques in conjunction with other techniques, such as dry needling, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping, muscle stretching, soft tissue and joint mobilisation and corrective exercises.

Common Conditions Treated

We regularly treat neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, posture-related pain, muscle tightness, mid back pain, pregnancy-related pain, hip pain and more. Our Myotherapists work with you to uncover the true underlying cause of these complaints, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Advanced Treatment and Advice

Our Myotherapists incorporate advanced injury prevention, health and fitness advice and exercise prescription into your treatment. They carry out a full postural analysis, medical history, range of motion testing and special tests for your presenting complaint in order to help diagnose your condition and formulate treatments plans.

Industry Registration and Continued Learning

At CHH, we are a group of highly experienced and dedicated Myotherapists who pride ourselves on delivering both efficient and effective treatment results for people of all age groups. We are registered with AAMT and MAA and attend regular Continued Professional Development, courses to further enhance our skills and knowledge.

Personalised Treatment Program

You receive a personalised treatment program, which outlines our initial assessment and recommended action plan. This leaves you feeling assured of your treatment and confident that we are working towards a solution.

Working in Collaboration

If you are seeing one of our Osteopaths, your Myotherapist will work collaboratively with your Osteopath (as required) to ensure they are providing you with supportive treatment that will assist you to achieve your healthcare goals.

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